Which employees are entitled to increased holiday pay after May 1, 2021
Vacation is a paid period of vacation, which is provided to all employees who performed their labor function in
Is maternity leave up to 1 5 included in northern experience?
The question relates to the city of Rostov region, Sholokhov district, village Bazkovskaya Answers: Hello! This question
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How to correctly calculate the number of vacation days for time worked?
Rules for calculating the number of vacation days Taking into account that in order to give birth, a woman is given
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Medical insurance premiums are transferred to the budget by all persons who conduct business activities with the help of
Job responsibilities of a department manager
Functional and job responsibilities of a manager
General provisions of the manager's job description 1.1. This job description defines the functional responsibilities, rights and
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Attention! No more stress trying to create a resume. A correct and well-designed application form for
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What labor legislation dictates There have been no changes to the terms of payment of vacation pay in 2021. By
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I’ve been working for a little over 5 months, I want to quit, what’s the best way to do it, | Syktyvkar
The employee was hired by a budget organization at his main place of work at 0.5 rate on April 23
Filling out a payment order
Sample payment of penalties for personal income tax in 2021 for legal entities
Payment order for penalties in 2021 - 2021 - sample Depending on
In what order should annual paid leave be provided and paid to employees? Which employees have the right to choose their vacation time? What to do if the employer does not provide
Categories of employees Are there other categories of employees who can dictate to the employer when they need