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Maximum term of a contract with an individual
How long can a work contract be concluded? In accordance with Article 656 of the Civil Code,
Sample order for the appointment of a financially responsible person
Financially responsible persons at enterprises are employees responsible for the property entrusted to them. Person details
How to apply for overtime pay
According to the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, any work must be paid. Work is no exception
Question and answer No. 6. Everything about flushing and neutralizing personal protective equipment
Flushing and neutralizing agents for workers - a list of flushing, protective and regenerating agents,
Checklists for work: how to create and use them
A writ of execution issued by the court after consideration of the case on the merits and the entry into force of the corresponding
KBK Personal Income Tax on dividends in 2021: sample payment order
BCC for personal income tax payment In a situation where the income is wages, the tax on it
Changes in the distribution of soap and detergents in 2021
Is it necessary to specify soap standards in an office worker’s employment contract? Answer to the question: Employers
KBK for income tax in 2021: for legal entities for legal entities
One of the whole list of issues discussed in the current situation in Russia is the possibility of changing the BCC
Which employees are entitled to increased holiday pay after May 1, 2021
Vacation is a paid period of vacation, which is provided to all employees who performed their labor function in
Order of dismissal for absenteeism - sample, 2021 form
When dismissing an employee on his own initiative due to absenteeism, the employer must take care