Maximum term of a contract with an individual
How long can a work contract be concluded? In accordance with Article 656 of the Civil Code,
How to Develop a Safety Training Program
Who develops the training program At the enterprise, the occupational safety training program is developed by the heads of structural
Procedure and sample order to amend the staffing table in 2021
When you first open any 1C program, the Start Assistant starts automatically: the user can immediately do
How to properly prepare a copy of a work book (sample)
Having officially gotten a job, the employee always hands over the original of his work record book to the employer. Because
Applying for a pension without a work book
Could they have taken away my work book when applying for a pension in the Pension Fund? I can't find her at home. Thank you. | Moscow
Citizens retiring often face the problem of confirming their work experience in the 90s
What to do if you need to correct an entry in the work record book?
Home / Labor Law / Personnel Management / Personnel Records Back Published: 08/06/2016 Time
What to do with your work book if you were fired under an article
Why are we switching to digital labor documents? Paper documents are often lost; many employers keep labor records.
Stamp in the work book upon dismissal in 2021
When is a seal in the work book still required? All entries made in the work book must be certified with a seal.
The nuances of concluding an agreement with a driver
We formalize the duties of a forwarding driver
09/11/2019 0 235 6 ​​min. Drivers of trucks, buses, taxis and personal chauffeurs are
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Changes in the procedure for certification of work records from 2021
Rules in force at the beginning of the year Let us note that the labor certification sample is currently in use
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